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Protecting Your Fire Damage Claim in California

Being insured against fire damage in California is integral in making sure your hard-earned property is safe. Wildfires are one of homeowners and business owner’s biggest concerns in California. With dryer conditions each year, wildfires have been on the rise.

That is why fire insurance is important. Fires and wildfires are caused by everything from mechanical, electrical, water to carelessness and arson. As a natural disaster, homeowners and business owners can find themselves helpless in the path of a massive fire line.

You might feel very safe having paid your premiums consistently for years but your insurer is banking on the fact that it will never settle your fire damage claim for what it’s worth.

Property Claim Specialist or PCS is a licensed and highly recommended public insurance adjuster in California. PCS has seen the trend in insurance carriers not fulfilling claim obligations arising from house fires and wildfires and has made a reputation on getting a client’s claim paid either in full or the best possible result.

It is commonplace for insurance companies to find any way possible not to pay a fire damage claim in California or greatly reduce your benefits. Even as record-setting wildfires occur every year with staggering damage, insurance companies find new ways not to honor claims.

Adjusters have been known to resort to some seemingly underhanded methods to avoid paying out the fire damage claim.

PCS knows full well how this game is played and is your frontline defense in getting your fire damage claim settled, quickly and efficiently.

PCS has a few tips to help you prepare for a fire damage claim to your home or business in California. No one imagines a fire destroying their property but if it happens and it is your duty as a home or business owner to protect that investment.

With the tips below, PCS can help you recover what is rightfully yours:

  1. Shoot a video of your house internally and externally annually or with every upgrade to your own such as a new deck or renovated kitchen.
  2. The video should show in detail the foundation, electrical, plumbing and any other special features of your home.
  3. The video should also show ALL of your valuables from flat screens to your family heirlooms.
  4. Make sure the date and year are showing in the video when you are shooting in the inside and outside of your house.
  5. Put this footage in a certified fire safe, a safety deposit box at your bank or secure it with your lawyer. In the case of wildfires, the heat can be so extreme, even a home safe is not the best possible place. Consider making duplicates and placing them in multiple areas. The time spent to collect this data could save you tens of thousands of dollars.
  6. Also take still pictures of your valuables as well as the interior and exterior of the home. Put the pictures on a thumb drive and put that in your safety deposit box. It might be useful to print out the pictures of the more valuable items.
  7. Keep your blueprint for your home and any upgrades in the safe as well.
  8. Take the time to list the inventory of your home with a complete list and retain this inventory with receipts in your safe or safety deposit box.

Guessing at what was in existence when you file a fire damage claim greatly reduces your chance to settling your claim. Many insured do not have their property documented as just described and it is for these reasons that having a public insurance adjuster will be of benefit in your insurance claim process.

You need a public insurance adjuster to defend your fire damage claim in California. Your PCS adjuster will ascertain the extent of your policy coverage, help you mitigate your damages, and educate you on your duties under the policy.

Many clients fail to take full advantage of the insurer’s obligation as stipulated by the binding contract of your insurance policy. Upon the loss of your house or business due to fire damage in California, the insurer has an obligation to provide you with temporary housing or business interruption coverage for your business. At we’re here to protect you.