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PCS: Protecting Your Water Damage Claim California

Have you been short-changed by your insurer for water damage in California? Many homes and business property lose their premium value after floods destroy them and the insurer fails to honor the claim.

An insurance policy is a legal contract between an insurer and the property owner. The policy binds the insurance company legally to honor the promises made in principal, and on your part, you are compelled legally to abide by the rules of the contractual engagement.

However, while you keep your part of the bargain by diligently and obediently paying your premiums, the insurer fails to honor these terms in the event of water damage in California.

It is when such situations arise that a public insurance adjuster such as Property Claim Specialist or PCS can truly save your claim. When your water damage insurer fails to honor the policy terms, willfully or not, he is in breach of the contract that he entered into with you when they sold you the policy.

PCS can show you how to mitigate your loss and fight for the biggest possible recovery. Taking on your insurance company on your own is not advisable in California. Insurance companies have extra protection in the state due to high numbers of fraud cases. PCS knows how to research, document, prepare and present your claim in writing so that you get back what is rightfully yours.

Why you need PCS for Your Water Damage Claim in California

Many insured’s of water damage end up digging into their pockets to fix flooring, foundations, walls and other structural elements to their homes or investment property. They are then forced to rebuild their property after their insurer denied their claims based on actual terms of the water damage insurance policy.

Unfortunately, policyholders still don’t know that the insurer is in violation of the contract based on a number of factors. These factors are what the public insurance adjuster at PCS who will take on and pursue.

Insurers know how to delay and stall. These tactics are designed to frustrate you and make you go away. PCS will assign a public insurance adjuster to your water damage claim and will fight for you during the claim process.

If you are looking for a public insurance adjuster for water damage in California, you will find a great team at PCS that is ready to help you. We ensure you are compensated for losses incurred after water damage.